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Slow upload speed (but only for torrents)


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Hello my Friends

My connection is 10Mbit down and 1Mbit up.

I recently changed internet provider and my upload speed decreased significantly.

Nowdays In utorrent I can often get full download speed but my upload speed sucks. It is often 1kB/s and at max 30kB/s

When i run different speed tests it always show full capacity.

Something like 1.1MB/s down and 128kB/s up and the port seems to work properly.

I have tried to change some settings in utorrent for example max upload slots, max connections etc. but it does not help.

Where do you guys/girls think the problem lies.

Hopefully someone smarter than me can help :-)

No haters plzz

/ Gunde

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Thanks for the answer.

I have no idea if my Internet provider has torrent traffic blocking. Should I ask them or can you get around it somehow? Do Internet provider often block up-traffic but not down-traffic?

Protocol encryption is activated with the box checked next to it. (I've read thats the right way to do it)

Here is an example of seeders/peers:

I currently have a finished downloaded film

Sources Clients upload speed

0 (72) 1(82) 1kB/s

It seems I have problem getting people to upload to or am I wrong?

Does anyone have an idea what the problem can be.


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Hmm I'm having a similar problem with upload speeds. Modem port is forwarded properly following the guides on portforward.com for my router. Download speeds are very good, just what I'd expect from my ISP. But my upload speeds are virtually nothing, in fact I'm getting very few connections considering the number of peers.


Any ideas?

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