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uTorrent working even when proxy information entered incorrectly?!


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Even when I enter garbage in the proxy fields, uTorrent still seems to be able to download stuff. Given I'm not connected to my proxy (socks5, btguard) I'm guessing this also means I'm publicly displaying my IP.

I've used checkmytorrentIP.com and it confirms my torrent IP is that of the proxy btguard are using, but I'm concerned that even with no login at all uTorrent continues to operate, albeit at a very slow rate. If anyone can suggest wich uTorrent features I should turn off in order to rectify this, that'd be great. From my very limited understanding I'm guessing it's something to do with local peer discovery or DHT?

Thank you,


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If you started the torrents after turning on the proxy, all existing connections continue to work. Same for incoming connections (if you've announced your IP to the tracker).

Furthermore, unless certain options are ticked, not everything goes through the proxy.

DHT is proxied through SOCKS5 proxies. Same for uTP and UDP trackers.

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Wow, thanks for the speedy and helpful reply!

I stopped and started utorrent following the removal of the proxy login info; I've followed the instructions at https://btguard.com/utorrent.php to the letter, and ticked/unticked as appropriate.

Are there options outside of the Preferences -> Connection page which could cause me to bypass my own proxy? Several of them in Preferences -> BitTorrent look a bit likely, but I'm no network engineer so I'm a bit lost.

EDIT: That first line is sincere btw; just over an hour for free tech support? Better than most of the services I pay for! :D

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