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A kind warning : uTorrent, Linux and "newbies" (Beginners) combos


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The uTorrent for Linux is not for you if any of the following apply:

A) You do not know how to extract the downloaded packaged file ( Commonly called a "tar-ball" )

B) You do not know how to find and/or read the included information in this package (.pdf .txt under DOC)

C) You do not know how to obtain super user rights (the sudo command)

D) You do not know how to access a local (localhost) webpage on your computer

E) You do not know what a port is in your browser or how to access it (ex :8080)

F) You do not know where to best install the application

G) You do not know how to launch it

H) You do not know how to access it after its been started

I) You do not possess the all knowing powers to avoid asking questions and instead use complete and complex Google queries to find other (now slaughtered) peoples solutions after they did the mistake to ask for answers.

J) Well... it continues.

Reason for posting this is the harsh attitude in here towards willing, able but still unschooled new users of the uTorrent for Linux people. But not only > The package as it stands today, really is not for newbies, it throws them into a world of configuration files and permission issues that they rather stay away from until they learn the more basic rules of the Unix environ.

Hence - while seemingly ironic, I am 100% serious. This is not for you, if you feel need asking questions. Not yet. Instead, find a torrent client in your free software manager on your desktop menu, by searching for the word "torrent", and install it. Simple, fast, free and no worries.

For all others - great piece of software. Awful user crowd.


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