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download speed drops while watching shows on my hard disk


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I just noticed something odd about utorrent that didn't exist before. Every time I open a media player (windows media player, gom player, the core media player, media player classic, vlc), the download speed will drop from 400~500 range to 250~300 range.

Let's say my download is capped at 400 kb/s, I start watching a tv show that has already been downloaded to my hard disk, there is no one using the internet connection, or any other program. My download speed which has been stable for the past few hours at 400 kb/s will suddenly drop to the 250~300 kb/s range and keep on going between that range. As soon as I close my program the speed goes back up to 400 kb cap in 2-5 seconds. The upload speeds are capped at 20kb/s for now.

This never happened before, I have checked through all the guides, i have utorrent set up properly, unless i missed something small. I understand that if i browse, browsing will take up speed and cause the download speed to drop and fluctuate, but why would watching a tv show that is not even being seeded cause the download speed to drop?

I am currently using u-torrent 2.2.1, windows 7 ultimate x64. Hope someone can help me out.

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