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Clean up old torrent files


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When you add a torrent it is cached in the users area, but when the torrent is removed the file is not cleaned out of the user area.

I know we all have massive disks these days, but discs fill up eventually, and this is wasted disk space and I come from an era when a 40Mbyte disk was massive, so I like to clean out those no longer required files.

So assuming the latest version still doesn't do it, I've only just upgraded from 1.8.3.

Can we have a menu item to clear out any torrents from the cache that have been removed,

I've currently got 440 files in the cache (including system files) but only 230 torrents active.

To clean the unwanted files out, I have to match the file names with the torrents and deleted whats left, ignoring thodr system file of course.



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