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Uploading problems


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Hello, for the past few days none of my torrent will upload. I upgraded to 2.2.1 but it didn't help. A sample torrent has 300 peers and 170 seeds. Normally the upload speed would go right up to the max (50kb/s) but for the past few days it might pop up to 10kb/s for a few seconds and then fall down to zero for minutes at a time. Downloads are working normally. Any idea what could be causing this?

Under trackers it says -

DHT - working

Local Peer Discovery - working

Peer Exchange - working

tracker.openbittorren.com/announce - connection closed by peer

tracker.piratebay.org/announce - connection closed by peer

tracker.openbittorren.com:80/announce - working

tracker.piratebay.org:80/announce - failure:connection timed out

Thanks for any assistance.

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Ok, never mind the tracking info, I shouldn't have included that. The problem is my torrents are only seeding in dribs and drabs - little bits at a time so that it's impossible for me to keep an even ratio. Downloading is normal. Right now, for instance, uploads are 5kb/s when they should be 50kb/s and downloads are 300kb/s. Any idea what could be causing this? One clue is that the green check mark ("your internet connection is working as it should") in the lower right of the screen keeps turning yellow, Then I double click it, it runs some tests and turns green again for a few minutes, then yellow again. Any ideas at all?

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