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Portable File System Usage


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I am running the current 3 Beta uTorrent on a USB 2.0 External SATA 320GB drive.

My performance issue is this. When downloading torrents to the external HD... EVERYTHING on the external drive slows to a crawl. Now, with my downloads PAUSED, I can: play 320 MP3s with iTunes, load 2 OpenOffice Portable apps, unzip a 2.3 gb multi file RAR on the HD to the HD (and maybe even more, haven't tried) all at the same time without a noticable hiccup.

PLAY my downloads... holy f^(k ! ROFL It all comes to a crashing down to a crawl.

My question is this. Is there some setting in the DiskCache preferences that I can enable/disable to change the way uTorrent handles disk IO to help this?

Otherwise... uTorrent Portable on a PortableApps.com drive ROCKS

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