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Slow Download Speeds


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I'm having problems with uTorrent on ALL computers on my network.

On my MacBook, I get the "Not Connectable" notification, which I'm guessing is the port. I attempted to forward the port using portforward.com. I have a NetGear WNDR3400. I set up the port forwarding, but I am having a hard time setting up a static ip address. When I follow the instructions, I'm just not able to connect to the internet.

With our PC desktop everything worked fine until we did a system restore. I set up a static ip address on that computer with no problems and I also added the ports to the firewall and forwarded the port with the router, but I'm still having a download speed of approx. 1.5kbps. We were having internet problems after the last typhoon, but our I checked our connection, and things seem to be okay now.

I've been messing with this problem for two days now! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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