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Creepy Peer


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Hi Harold & Giancarlo & other braves & answerers.

For the past 50 or so torrents I've downloaded, there's this one peer from my location who Always shows up on μMap.

No matter How Obscure the content, this person's always downloading my finished torrents, But s/he never shows up on my peer list, no country flag, no nothing. Max I get is an address that looks like this:







Can anyone tell me what's happening?

Granted my city has over 5 million people, but i'm guessing the odds are impossibly low that i get a peer from my location for Every torrent I'm seeding, even those i seed for weeks cause there apparently aren't enough people in the world who want them enough to get me to my ratio of 2.0 for each.

I've tried using the ipfilter but to no avail, maybe because a proper ip doesn't show up for me to select the host? No idea, i'm not a techie.

Please help me shake this bastardido off my tail, s/he is Really creeping me out!

Thanks in advance all you people.

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PS: I tried looking for a similar problem in troubleshooting but couldn't find anything similar. If the Qs already been asked, please post me the thread address.

& PPS: It can't be me, cause then I should show up for the multiple torrents I am seeding at any given time.

My location is marked out with a red pin, And i get a colored cloud marking my city for one of the torrents I'm seeding.

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