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Internet stops with uTorrent open and not much traffic


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I never had a problem having up to 100 torrents enabled and seeding. Most of them would do nothing since there was no one downloading and a dozen or less would be active and uploading just fine.

Since the last update 2.2.1 things got very weird. I tried lots of setting and ideas I found online but no improvement. I even took the conservative settings and made them even more conservative.

I have 70 torrents seeding and only a couple will actually upload which is fine, but as soon as it starts uploading it takes a dive, the internet stops for all computers in the house, webpages come up empty and if I try to quit uTorrent it will appear frozen for a few seconds before it quits.

When it quits, the internet comes back.

I'm on Win7 64bit, no service pack.

uTorrent 2.2.1

200/20 fibre optics connection

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i have a very similar problem.

i have win7 64 bit no service packs and until update 2.2.1 i was able to download shit fine. after 2.2.1 when ever i start a torrent it begins downloading, gets up to about 50 kb/s download speed then utorrent freezes (only utorrent, rest of computer is fine) and when it unfreezes the download speed goes down to about 1.2 kb/s and fluctuates from no download speed to ~2kb/s. then periodically utorrent freezes too. when utorrent freezes my internet is also disconnected for a good 30 seconds or so

this is quite frustrating >.<

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