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upload limits ignored


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First had the issue on Demonoid but now experiencing it elsewhere.

Regardless of what I set my upload MAX to, the stream is "hijacked" and maxed out to all my bandwidth. I have tried updating uTorrent, going under Preferences and R-clicking to set the MAX for that torrent.

How can I set a hard max that will be honored?

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Thank you - I found the answer


I had not checked that box because >intuitively< it would seem to be a global setting and I thought it would apply to all my torrents.

So many settings in uTorrent are mysterious ciphers to many people. Is there an AIO guide that can be downloaded and printed so that people can work understand what each setting will effect? Not online Q&A guides because if a person doesn't know what something does, they are seldom able to formulate a viable question. Same with forums - (most)people are not lazy, they just are not sure of what it is they are trying to find out.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to the forum.


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