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Completed File Disappears


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Hopefully this will help identify a bug.

I downloaded a 4gig file overnight, setting utorrent to auto shutdown. I booted up in the mornig, torrent was 100% complete. I force recheck to verify it, I then connect my WD Elements HDD via usb to transfer the file. I look back to utorrent; the torrent is missing from the list. I scroll down to find an older .torrent of the file (I had downloaded it some months ago but deleted it) I force recheck and its at 0%. I browse to my downloads and its gone. I look in my HDD downloads file and nothing (hey, worth a try). I dont seem to remember utorrent asking me whether it wanted to load trackers when I downloaded the .torrent (as I had already previously downloaded the file) I think it might be a bug with connecting my HDD because i remember reading a post on another forum of file disappearences after connecting a HDD.

Any ideas? utorrent 2.2.1

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