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Utorrent 3.0 RC


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Ok my problem is that when i try to download a torrent i get a little boloon pop up that says "Torrent Error Access Denied" but heres the kicker, if i go to set download location i get a little box pop up that says "You don't currently have permission to access this folder (strange a i am the only user) Click continue to permanently get acces to this folder, so as it says click continue then save the file to the original destination by clicking on select folder and it downloads fine, i have even went into the drive that i am saving my downloads to and tried to change the permissions but still have no luck, i am running windows 7 ultimate and i just reinstalled it yesterday so i'm stumped, if anyone has any ideas as how i might resolve this problem it would be great

Thanks in advance


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Looks like i got it sorted, after you said that i still might not have admin privaliges i had a look around and i found how to solve the problem, here is how i done it

You don't have to do this for every subfolders, just the main folder or drive.

Rightclick the folder or drive-> chose properties -> chose security tab

Click on advanced -> click the owner tab -> click on the edit button

Click on your username -> check the box: Replace Owner on subcontainers and object.

click a few times ok until your are back in the explorer.

Now rightclick the folder again -> Chose security again -> click on edit

click on add.-> type your username in the white area, and click on check name.

click ok once. You are now in the security box again.

now select your user name and in the permission box select full control.

Click ok

Your done.

hope this helps, if you want to have it posted somwhere that is easier to find so that if others have the same problem they won't have to search around for as long as i did.



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