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uTorrent interfering with sleepmode


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I'm running a Toshiba R700 i3 with a 64 bit Windows 7

I've had problems with my laptop going into sleep mode.With help from folks on the Toshiba forums I did some clean boot trouble shooting which pinpointed uTorrent as the cause of the problem. With a few exceptions, whenever I close the lid while the machine down while uTorrent is still running the laptop doesn't sleep. Closing the program doesn't work - I've got to use Task Manager to make sure all of the program's processes are stopped. While I've also disabled it at start-up (msconfig), when I do start my computer and go to Task Manager, there it is running as it likes.

I like the program, and want to keep using it. Is there anyway to control when it runs, or to stop it from interfering with sleep mode?

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