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/HIDE doesn't work in uT 3.0(25377)


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/HIDE starts µTorrent in boss-key mode, meaning the tray icon and the entire interface is hidden until the boss-key is pressed. Note that you should set up a boss-key before actually starting µTorrent with this switch, otherwise you might find yourself having a difficult time seeing and using µTorrent.

Not work uTorrent 3.0(25377)

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Yes, i tried playing with it since last week (I really need this feature. :D)

I just noticed this behavior of µtorrent's regarding its /HIDE ability.

- When I append /HIDE or any other words to its launch parameters (e.g. /H, /SILENT, /HIDDEN Hahaha im that addicted to µtorrent!), it always creates a regedit entry in RUN, with a /MINIMIZED parameter.

- It seems to me that there is a new option in version 3's preferences..."Start minimized on startup"

I think thats the problem why it always reverts back to /MINIMIZED, even I edited it to /HIDE, it always

goes back to /MINIMIZED!! (even if its unchecked!)

I just hope the dev team didn't blew up the /HIDE feature out of utorrent... :(:(:(

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