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My internet connection slows (or stops) when uTorrent is running


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I followed the guide in this thread here, even tried Switeck's conservative settings. None of it has improved my internet performance while uTorrent is running.

Basically, the moment I run uTorrent, my internet either slows to a crawl or becomes unresponsive entirely. Web pages timeout, I can't connect to remote servers, etc.

This problem only cropped up after I switched from AT&T U-Verse to Comcast. AT&T provides a Residential Gateway for U-Verse subscribers, and even though the speed of the connection was slower, I could function normally whilst online with uTorrent in the background. Now that I have Comcast, I have my own modem and my own router and things are not working out so well.

Cable Modem: Motorola SBG901

Router: NETGEAR WNR3500L (latest firmware)

Comcast XFINITY Internet

I recently changed my port, and it is opened (forwarded)


Windows 7 x64 Professional (up to date)

ESET NOD32 - I have tried disabling my antivirus to see if that helped and it didn't.

I don't have much else running in the background in terms of services/processes. I run a fairly clean PC.

Any help?

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