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utorrent keeps freezing, and i get ~2kb/s download speed when it isnt


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i have win7 64 bit no service packs and until update 2.2.1 i was able to download shit fine. after 2.2.1 when ever i start a torrent it begins downloading, gets up to about 50 kb/s download speed then utorrent freezes (only utorrent, rest of computer is fine) and when it unfreezes the download speed goes down to about 1.2 kb/s and fluctuates from no download speed to ~2kb/s. then periodically utorrent freezes too. when utorrent freezes my internet is also disconnected for a good 30 seconds or so

i cant do the connecton setup by pressing run tests, because utorrent alays freezes within the time it takes to do that, and i think it is messing it up

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