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THe notorious 10053 "data send error"


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I do however spend numerous insane crazy ammounts of hours figuring out stupid little nagging bs problems..... just cuz its what I do. So here we go.....

The biggest issue with the no connection or data send error, acctually has nothing to do with any version of a WINDOWS O\S. If you run the test(s) and your network and router passes everytime... then its obviously not the network in anyway.

What I have found (which is true for many programs) Is that the files are over-updated,,, Meaning they have been erased / rewritten/ changed / recoded (whatever the hell you want to call it) so many times the program has corrupted itself. Basically when a program is updated over and over and over,,,, it very simply gets confused. Its like drawing a picture, erasing parts, redrawing, erasing again..... After a while its so foggy and jacked up you cant tell what the hell you were drawing in the first place. Eventually things get jumbled together until its utterly f-u-b-a-r.

The simplest fix....

and follow this perfectly...


1) Backup any downloaded files (movies mp3s whatever) At least make copies of them in a different folder than you currently have them in. (THis is just a precaution)

2) Use any program you wish, but for most beginners, use the control panel (add\remove programs) and remove utorrent! DO NOT JUST DELETE IT! Use control panel and remove it (uninstall) however your system words it.

3) Once it is finished uninstalling.... Shut down windows properly! acctually use the start menu option to shut down windows. DO NOT JUST RESTART!!! ACCTUALLY SHUT DOWN YOUR PC ... OFF.... DEAD TO THE WORLD.... ZERO POWER OK!?

4) Now turn on your pc... once everything is loaded and ready to rock like normal... go to utorrents download site. Install utorrent. I have acctually found it to be simpler to install it from the website than to download itfirst then install it. Have no clue why yet, but out of the dozens of customers pc's I have fixed this issue for, installing direct from Utorrent works best!

5) Make any necassary changes or settings to your preferences and you should be ready to rock!

This has not yet seemed to fix any speed errors but it has fixed absolutely every unit with the connection errors so far!

To avoid this in the future.... after every so many updates .... one or two or three normal updates...... just uninstall and reinstall the program.:D

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Ok as an update... This method has also fixed an issue with upload\download speeds and also an issue with windows firewall. Apparently the fresh install corrects settings with windows firewall that were changed or corrupted by this particular customers anti-spyware\malware programs. Once the programs changed these settings in the firewall, it was almost impossible to change them back and for them to stay. But the fresh install has worked on this particular case. It is the first I have personally tried it on, and I in no way gurantee at this time, that it will fix your program, if you have the issues that he did.

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Just had to add this explanation.. so people will not bug me about it. I have been asked over and over. "why do you have to shut down windows before reinstalling the program"

Answer: and this counts for anything ANYTHING install or uninstalled or settings changed in windows....

Registry problems<<<<<

Your registry is basically the index of your computers operating system. Everything that happens, everything that is changed, everything installed or removed is logged in the registry. The registry controls what programs run when where and how long or for what. It keeps things in order.

Most people do not realize that never turning off your pc causes most of the bs heartaches you have. Its fine to leave it on all the time, as long as it is completly cycled (shut down and rebooted) on a regular basis, weekly daily every three days... whenever. And here is why.

As stated earlier... your registry logs everything. But, it doesnt update itself until it is recycled along with a restart of your computer. So changes do not truly take effect until the registry clears old data and writes in the new. When a computer is not restarted after changes, the old data and new data compromize each other. They cancel each other out, making stupid little issues. SImply Completely restarting your computer will fix 50% of this crap.

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Hi started getting this error yesterday.

I am using the PirateRay for a proxy.

I have uninstalled Utorrent and ran CCleaner to fix registry as well as the normal scan and dump.

I did this in both User and ADmin account. When I opened the Start Menu I did a search for Utorrent and nothing came up.

I then powered off and then powered on. I installed Utorrent from the website and when it opened it still had the Proxy details for Pirate Ray and it was able to show in Inactive Torrents the two Torrents I had been trying to download when the Error mesage began?! :)

I cant see how its keeping the proxy details and the info on the Torrents I was trying to download as I uninstalled and used up to date CCleaner, in both Admin and User accounts?

I have now Deleted the two downloads appearing in my Utorrent box by right clicking and removing everything. Switched off the pc and switched back on. Dowloaded latest version and though the torrent files are gone the proxy settings are still there, more so the install process didnt happen. I clicked on set-up Run and then utorrent just opened at the downloading screen?

Can anyone help?

With thanks

Rod :)

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