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Sibling Issues, Utorrent doesn't play nice with fellows


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Ok, so a little backstory.

I wanted/needed/decided to download something rather large. To speed up the download I torrented one part from one computer using one internet connection, and another part elsewhere using a separate internet connection.

That all went great, or at least as good as expected. Then, I figured I'd put both computers in the same room on the same local network, and they'd act like adults, work out their differences, and then both come away with something.

Unfortunately even though they were connected by LAN, and I asked them very seriously to play nice, they didn't!

Instead they constantly choked up (with tears I'm assuming?), refused to give each other pieces (kids these days never share!), and straight out banned each other! (Ignoring friends is always a mistake)

Both computers were using uTorrent 3.0, using the same torrent. (Hash is the same) After multiple hashfails, even though the computers are literally wired together with a perfectly fine LAN cable, I forced both to recheck, which sadly fixed nothing.

Anyway, so I basically babysat them for two hours to sync like 2gb of information.

I wasn't sure whether to put this in speed, bugs, or troubleshooting. I know that utorrent is optimized for hundreds of slower connections as opposed to a single very fast connection, but still I expected better performance then this!

Edit: A few examples http://imgur.com/a/x85GP

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