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All of the Sudden "Firewall/Router Limiting Network Traffic"


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I have been using utorrent for about 1 week and have had no problems to date. I have had dowload speeds between 300 and 500kbps during that time period. I am running BTguard, Norton Internet Security, Adaware, and have a linksys router (WRT54GS). All of the sudden this morning I was having trouble connecting to peers and I realized that there was a "red exclaimation" in the bottom right of the screen with an error reading "No Connectivity...A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you." After clicking the red exclaimation and running the speed test...the Network portion Fails and gives me an error "Neither NAT-PMP nor UPnP is enabled. Please check your preferences." Upon checking the preferences they are both enabled in utorrent.

I have read somethings that have said I need to set up port forwarding thru my linksys router, but when I try to login to with no user name and admin as my password, its says this login is incorrect. I do not want to re-setup my network so I didn't bother with hitting the reset button.

I wasn't sure if it was working fine for a little over a week, why would I need to set up port forwarding? Does it have something to do with my ISP tracking me? Any ideas? Thanks.

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