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Browsers all suck.


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Mugros - There is no iexplorer thread when Maxthon is running. I've never seen it, and am not seeing it now. Just Maxthon.

Ultima - Oh, I see now. Coming from FF, I guess that does feel like a weight has been lifted:) As for the security issues, I feel just as safe w/ Maxthon as I do w/ any other browser. Totally agree w/ silverfire's last post. I used Maxthon for about 2 yrs before going to Opera, and never had any security issues that could put Maxthon/IE at fault. I play it safe, and I always ignore this argument when used by others against browsers in a debate. However, I preach it when recommending browsers to ppl that arent experienced on a pc. If one is experienced and has a little common sense, IE is just as safe as any other browser.

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I go with the security argument from first hand experience, not because everyone else says so =P

Heh, just for kicks, I installed Spybot just now to check my computer... clean. I couldn't say that when I was using Maxthon, even though I tried to be as safe as possible (you can tell from my whitelisting content in Opera how careful I try to be). I don't remember how critical the spywares were (and I doubt they were very much so, otherwise I'd remember more clearly), but something showed up on the Spybot scan back when I still used IE/Maxthon, which isn't the case right now with Opera.

I dunno, since you can keep things clean, by all means, use it. Apparently, I can't trust myself enough (since I couldn't keep clean with Maxthon), so I'll just use Opera to help me ;P

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Regardless of which browser you use, having the proper preventative measures is the single most important step in preventing disastrous malware infections. Personally, I use a combination of the following to achieve five layers of protection:

"Common" sense* - Self-explanatory and the most important one. Without it, the other measures might not be able to prevent it all due to the sheer volume of incoming threats resulting from user stupidity. - Turning off JavaScript before visiting questionable sites, turning on Java only when needed, and staying away from sites that would bomb your browser. The name is a misnomer since most people really don't have any of this.

Hardware firewall/router - Helps prevent the use of exploits on unforwarded ports. The same behavior that angers p2p users who don't know how to forward ports is the same behavior that keeps me safe.

avast! Antivirus - The built-in internal proxy at scans port 80 traffic and any traffic explicitly routed through it for viruses/malware and blocks them before they ever hit a browser-accessible portion of the hard disk.

SpywareBlaster - Prevents some malware from being able to install itself.

Windows Defender (fmr. called Microsoft Antispyware) actively monitors registry changes and other potential early signs of a malware infection, though I've never given it the chance to actually find something.

There ARE other safety measures in place, but they don't exactly count as active protection. I've had this combination in place with frequent updates, and it's how I've never gotten viruses or spyware in the past 9+ months.

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i haven't had a virus for over an year now..

i check my system every 2-3 months for viruses and spyware (i have no antivirus or antispyware program except when i scan my system)

all i use is the latest firefox and as silverfire said common sense :)

peope are stupid, that's why they get fucked up.. an intelligent person cannot expect a 40kb exe to be a movie right? :P

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I remember those, they are outstanding!!!

BTW, while trying to write µ in linux, I discovered another hidden feature in Opera. If you write the hex code of the desired Unicode char ("b5" for µ), mark it and press ALT+X it replaces it with the char. This browser just doesn't stop amazing me...

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Firefox 1.0.7 is fair game for hackers since exploits appear frequently for Firefox as well as any other browser.

hey any old browser is prone to hacker attacks....but till now FF 1.0.7 has been kind to me ( & that combined with my firewall...I rarely get attacks )

"Common" sense* - Self-explanatory and the most important one. Without it, the other measures might not be able to prevent it all due to the sheer volume of incoming threats resulting from user stupidity.

& YES I do use common sense...I rarely ( or never ) surf all those shitty serial/warez sites.....they're loaded with all kinds of malware.

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Fasterfox only improves page loading by tweaking some setting.

But FF1.5 has some improvements in memory management, also. Fasterfox won't fix these.

Only the prefetch in Fasterfox is "banned" on some sites, but there is a easy way to prevent this. I can surf just fine with Fasterfox, but i am using an optimized setting without prefetch.

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Hmm I do believe I've found a "µBrowser":


It's 1.5MB, and 324KB after using PECompact2, and is completely self-contained (in other words, it doesn't use IE). It supports tabs as well.

My only complaint is the lack of an address bar. You have to hit CTRL+W to open up the "Open URL" dialog box. But that isn't too hard to do, I suppose.

EDIT: Unfortunately it also doesn't seem to render many pages correctly, including utorrent.com. It might be handy to keep on a thumbdrive to work on spyware-infested machines, however. I currently use Portable Firefox to do that, which takes up a good chunk of space.

For more µTorrent-sized apps, visit www.tinyapps.org


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Ares, why that browser doesn't render so many pages and

on some doesn't work so well, is because of this =

Off By One Browser Limitations

* No JavaScript support (so no pop-up ad windows).

* No applet, plug-in or Flash support.

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