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uTorrent slowed to a crawl


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Ever since i added a very large torrent (90+gb) with single files over 20gb, my utorrent has been crawling around with speeds 0-5kb/s, and not just the big one, every other torrent as well. When i start the big torrent cpu usage jumps to about 50% and memory usage from 20-30mb to 2-300mb..(total RAM 2gb).

If i shut down the large torrent and restart uTorrent, other torrents function normally and with proper speeds and cpu+memory usage is also normal.

No error message is displayed when i start the big one, just the slowdown of speed and change in system usage. Computer itself functions fine, no lag or anything and browsing web is also not hindered in any way, only utorrent itself. First time downloading such big files, previously the larger ones have been 10-13gb a piece..

Any ideas what the problem might be since i'd really like to get those files...some time this century;)

Using latest RC of utorrent 3(x86) and running win7 64bit.

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