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New Skin Format And 3.0


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Could we get a list of the parameters and supported settings for 3.0?

There is sticky for 2.2 but not for 3.0.

Some one posted in the 3.0 thread a skin file to change the background color for the speed-graph. I took that file and have changed some of the colors but still don't know exactly what each of the settings are for. Maybe with the list there could also be a brief explaintion of each setting?

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Well, it is problem for me too.

Ideally it should be UI image with arrows and corresponding names for skin item names.

Of course brief explanation works too.



I found more complete version of skin format here:


This way speed bar is styled completely, though not how it was in uTorrent 2.2

So explanations are still very welcome!

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Hmm didn't work for me. Tried double clicking files downloaded from both links above, tried copying them to %appdata%\Roaming\uTorrent, tried renaming them to "current.btskin", disabled av's and firewalls etc, restarted utorrent 3.0 each time. Still have the white background on the speedgraph window sad

What am I doing wrong?

Best wishes



NVM the problem was that the .btskin link above is a link to a webpage Navigate to that page and click on the button to download the actual file (and ignore the mediafire link as its a copy of the web page not the btskin file)

Many thanks to hit_man for the link :)

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