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Not getting LAN speed from LOCAL peers


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I used to get LAN (5-10MBps) speed from local peers who are under the same lan of my ISP.

I've lots of local peer in my neighborhood :)

But the problem is nowadays I get normal net speed even if I've local peers as seeders.

My WAN speed is capped, so I want the p2p communication with private ip's with the local peers under my lan.

As my net speed is not good I want the facility of HIGH speed from local peers.

What is the settings in preference responsible for it?

Or should I go back to utorrent 1.8.5 version?

Now I am using the latest version.

Any kind of help/advice will be really appreciated

Thanks in advance,


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What IP address ranges are you dealing with for the lan you're trying to work from?

My LAN ip is

Subnet mask:

My WAN (internet) IP is 113.11.xyz.xyz which speed is capped.

Though my peers are under the same lan, i get peers only by WAN ip's :S

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