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start µtorrent with windows IF there are any incomplete downloads


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Basically, what I want to do is start µtorrent automatically with windows so I cannot forget to start it, but I also don't like programs running in the background when I don't need them.

So I wrote a batch script and adapted a python (3.2) script which I use for deluge on linux.

I let µtorrent execute the batch script (C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\µtorrentscript2.bat %S) which then runs the python script with the appropriate argument so that a file containing the number of downloading torrents is updated.

When windows starts I let it run the python script with the start argument (a shortcut which targets C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\script_utorrent\utorrent_script.py -s) so that the script checks if there are active torrents and if so starts µtorrent.

I might rewrite the python script so that I only need a single script, but I'm pretty happy with this result.

However, would anyone know a smarter way to get the job done? I know µtorrent has a webui so I think it can be done more easily, but I don't know the slightest thing about it...

Batch script:

@echo off
set SCRIPTLOCATION="%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\script_utorrent\utorrent_script.py"
IF %1==6 (start python.exe %SCRIPTLOCATION%)
IF %1==3 (start python.exe %SCRIPTLOCATION% -d)
IF %1==5 (start python.exe %SCRIPTLOCATION% -d)
IF %1==11 (start python.exe %SCRIPTLOCATION% -d)
IF %1==13 (start python.exe %SCRIPTLOCATION% -d)

python script:

#!C:/Python32/python.exe -u
import pickle, subprocess, sys

path = "C:\\Users\\USERNAME\\Documents\\utorrent.txt"
path2 = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\uTorrent\\uTorrent.exe"

try: argument = sys.argv[1]
except: argument = 'void'

def main ():
if (argument == '--start') or (argument == '-s'): #start
value = load(path) #load the value
if (value > 0):
elif (argument == '--decrease') or (argument == '-d'): #decrease
save(adjust(1)) #default
return 0

def save(value):
file = open(path, 'wb')
pickle.dump(value, file)
return 0

def adjust(value):
storedvalue = load(path) + value
if storedvalue < 0:
storedvalue = 0
return storedvalue

def load(path): #extract the value from the file
unpicklefile = open(path, 'rb')
data = pickle.load(unpicklefile)
except: #no file found; it will be created upon saving
data = 0
return data

if __name__ == "__main__":

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I realised that python isn't as popular on windows as on linux, so I wrote a bit of C++ code to replace the python script, I hope you like it ;)

#include <string>
#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;

string path = "C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/utorrent_data.txt";
string commando = "start /D \"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\uTorrent\" utorrent.exe";
void save(int);
int load();
int adjust(int);

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
if (argc > 1)
string arg = argv[1];
if ((arg == "-s") || (arg == "--start"))
{if (load() > 0)
else save(0);}
else if ((arg == "-d") || (arg == "--decrease"))
return 0;

void save(int value)
ofstream ofile(path.c_str());
ofile << value;

int load()
ifstream ifile(path.c_str());
if (ifile.is_open())
int value;
ifile >> value;
return value;
return 0;

int adjust(int value)
if ((load() + value) <= 0)
return 0;
return load() + value;

the new batch script:

@echo off
set COMMAND=START /D "%USERPROFILE%\Documents" program.exe
IF %1==6 (%COMMAND%)
IF %1==3 (%COMMAND% -d)
IF %1==5 (%COMMAND% -d)
IF %1==11 (%COMMAND% -d)
IF %1==13 (%COMMAND% -d)

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srr for bumping this thread, but doesn't anyone have a better solution?

Couldn't it be possible to do something similar, but better, by making an app which does the job?

I have absolutely no idea how these apps are written, some info on this would be welcome as well.

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