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Need Solution For bittorrent throttling !!


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Guys , I am a frequent torrenter and nowadays i am severely throttled of my bittorrent traffic ..

So i went to torrific.com for some help ...

It seems good and i used to Download them with IDM at a maximum speed

Or is there any method to overcome my bittorent traffic throttling ??

I mean the real method

Not but changing the protocol encryption to forced in utorrent or so .. ( that hardly overcomes the throttle in my case )

Need help badly

Myresult : Glasnost: Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic :o:o:o


I have also verified my ISP in the Wiki's list of BAd ISPs who throtttle BT bandwidth .. :o

need a Solution ...

With IDM(HTTP) i get 140KB whereas in well seeded torrents i get 80KB or 75KB

PLease make it free of cost !

Need Help Badly



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