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Unstable Upload


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Hallo, first i want to say that i really like the clean interface and the overall feel of µtorrent. But i have a problem that i can't reproduce with BitComet, Azureus or ABC. When i set an uploadlimit of 40 KB/s µtorrent is very strict and only occasional goes above it by 1 or 2 KB/s. The other programs go over the limit by as much as 8 KB/s often. But only with µtorrent does the upload drop in the 10 KB/s area, and that often.

To make sure that it isn't the way the programs display the actual speed i monitor the speed on my router so i can see what is really going out. At the moment i am using BitComet and the only thing holding me back from switching to µtorrent is this annoing behavior.

Here are some specs:

ADSL, 48 KB/s up, 375 KB/s down

Router (old PC with Fli4l, a Linux based Routersoftware www.fli4l.de)

also ACK packets have first priority and go out before anythig else

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