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BSODs less than 5 minutes after I run uTorrent


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hi there,

I have an Acer that runs on Windows 7 64-bit that has crashed the past few times I've open uTorrent. I'm hesistating to put the blame on uTorrent at the moment, but I was hoping someone could help me find a solution.

According to BlueScreenView, the drivers found in the crash stack on the past few BSODs have been:

netio.sys, ntoskrnl.exe, vwififlt.sys and even tcpip.sys (on one occasion). each time, the cause has been listed as the driver "netio.sys" at the addresss "netio.sys+11b2d"

let me know if more information is required to solve this issue.

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latest version available.

According to what?

i dunno i got the update off:


Some user here got some recent crashes with AVG, be sure AVG's driver-filters are not the culprit (uninstall it temporarily, install MS Security Essentials, it's free, and make a try during few hours).

sounds like an idea, i'll give ms security essentials a shot and see how it goes.

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An application (like uT) is NOT the cause of a BSOD, just the trigger. BSODs are caused by bad hardware or bad drivers. Some specific programs like firewalls may cause BSODs because they use their own driver-filters.

So in your case, if BSOD disappear without AVG, the culprit is likely AVG.

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