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Release Candidate 7 does not remember window size, position, contents.


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The Open Torrent window has the following concerns in Release Candidate 7:

  • The window's position is not saved. I am unsure how it decided that my current setup was what it was going to use from here on out but subsequent repositionings have failed to alter it.
  • The window's size is not saved. Again, I am unsure how it chose that this size is the size I wanted but every time I rezise it and save a torrent, it forgets the size when I reopen it.
  • The window, when resized, re-edits the save path to an assumed default. For example, I have a Downloads folder. So the default (for me) is "User\Downloads\SavedTorrentFolder." If I, say, delete "SavedTorrentFolder" then resize the window, it will reset my download path to "User\Downloads\SavedTorrentFolder."

And lastly, this isn't really a bug but more of a UI suggestion. The placement of the Show/Hide button below the "Don't show this again." checkbox is suboptimal. I understand when the contents are hidden, it places it in a row alongside the OK/Cancel buttons but when the contents are shown, it sticks out and eats up a row of space.

I would recommend placing it alongside the "Don't show this again." checkbox. This would minimize wasted space making both the shown and hidden interfaces more compact.

I hope you find this feedback useful and look forward to the final 3.0 release. d('-' )

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