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Perhaps a dumb question, but I did try to search for an answer:


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I have a torrent that I have been trying to download for quite a while (weeks). It is large, and I have HUGE bandwidth so that is not the problem.

What I don't understand is when I look at the column for seeds it says 0 (3).

If I understand things correctly, that means there are 3 seeds out there, but I can't connect to them.

Why can't I connect to a seed?

My seeding ratio for this torrent is quite high 8.899, and I am not limiting my bandwidth.

I am using uTorrent 3.0 25406 (current I believe).

I am using Kaspersky IS 2011, and have excluded the program and the directory it downloads to.

Other torrents download nice and fast, so it is not a general problem, but I sure would like to speed up this particular download.

I would appreciate some insight as I never quite got how there can be 3 seeds shown but not connectable.


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