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Trackers uneditable in Properties


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Description: If one edits the trackers on a torrent, the list is corrupted, and only the first tracker can be used after any edit.

uTorrent Mac: 1.5.3

History: Bug has been present since at least uTorrent Mac 1.0.2

Machines tested:

PowerMac G4 AGP 1.1 GHz / Mac OS X 10.5.8 / 2 GB RAM

PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5 GHz / OS X 10.5.8 / 14 GB RAM

Intel Macs - unknown. I do not have an Intel Mac to test.

Below: initial Properties dialog before the trackers are edited.


Below: tracker list is edited to add a general tracker. An empty line is added per the instructions.


I then click the OK button. Only the first tracker is shown in the Trackers pane.


Reopen the Properties dialog to see what happened.


I re-edit the Trackers list, cutting it down to the two desired trackers. This time I omit the empty line.


After clicking OK, the Trackers pane contains an anomaly. Note the extra pixels below the one visible tracker. It appears to be printing a 2nd line within the 1-line text zone allowed for a single tracker.


Reopen the Properties dialog. It still duped the 2nd line, and did not accept the entries as separate trackers.


The later lines can be deleted, leaving only the first tracker. If you do this, the torrent will function normally with one tracker. There is no way to add multiple trackers. If a torrent has multiple trackers initially, editing them in any way will end up forcing you down to one tracker.

note: the other properties in the dialog can be edited without corrupting the Trackers. They are affected only if you edit the Trackers box.

note2: deleting trackers via rightclick in the Trackers pane works as expected. So in practice you can remove trackers from a torrent, but not add them.

note3: I deleted uTorrent preferences per the troubleshooting sticky. This did not affect the bug.

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