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Unable to upload, port closed


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Hoping someone can help me here because the forums on the private torrent site were a joke.

Yes, I know you have to forward ports. I'm computer literate. Please bear with me.

Have an Apple Airport Express and an Ambit u10c018. From what I understand, neither of these allow port forwarding -- which explains why, for over a year, I was able to download from my private tracker just fine.

Then sometime in April when I upgraded, everything just stops. My ratio drops and I've been banned from downloading ever since. I can't get this to fix. I downgraded and still have the same issue.

I played around with a bunch of static IP mumbo jumbo on my computer through the PC Airport control panel, but I think it made it worse.

Running Windows Vista, uTorrent 2.0.4 (problem started when I upgraded to newest version)

Sad yellow triangle in uTorrent; sometimes starts out green light, but upload speed rapidly drops to nothing, then it turns yellow.

Seed number look correct, seeds are wonky. I usually have 0(0), which I know is wrong. sometimes 0(1) or another smaller number.

Network test says: Port not open, you are still able to download. But like I said, my gear doesn't allow portforwarding.

Let me know if you need any more info. I have tried everything on both the FAQ of my tracker and the READ ME FIRST on these forums. Thnx!

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