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Missing stuff.


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After som searching I couldn't find how to get this things back in 3.0

1: I'm missing the icons displayed before torrent file names. Shows if torrent is uploading/downloading and so on.

2: After a torrent is completed ETA starts showing how much time it takes until torrent reaches ratio 1.0 (100%) Now it doesnt display anything.

3: Is it possible to change the status colors. For me its now blue when downloading. Light green when uploading and green when stopped. Skins doesn't change anything for me.

4: Adding new torrent dialog windows from torrentesites always resets its position/size/column.

Thank you in advance.

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I would also like to note that since upgrading to uTorrent 3.0 that the items mentioned by Dayton are missing in the interface.

Particularly the ETA column. It used to show the time remaining when seeding a torrent before you hit the set seed ratio (defaulted to 1.50 which I leave it at). Now, when seeding, the ETA column is simply blank.

Also, the # column is blank (used to have a numeric value showing the order the torrent was added like 1, 2, 3, etc...)

It would be great to bring these features back in the 3.0 release that used to be in the 2.2 release.

Thank you.

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