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Internet Fails when Utorrent start downloading, not always


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Hello Everyone.

I have been using utorrent a wile, but recently I got a new internet connection, FTTH 12 Megabits international and 60 megabits national in Ecuador.

as you can see its a lot of bandwidth, I have been downloading a lot of gigabytes using Utorrent using the default config, I haven't change anything there,

but some times and in the last weeks more often, the internet goes down, even I got no LAN whit the other PC on the network.

but the other PCs still have internet and LAN connection perfectly.

I got W7 Ultimate as OS, and its up to date on Updates from Microsoft.

so Does any of you gurus can help me to detect what its the problem ??

I have made the next tests:

1- I try to connect directly my PC to the FTTH router whit out using a switch, it was the same, after a couple minutes internet get down.

2- I buy a new switch 10/100/1000 and install a 10/100/1000 PCI card in my PC and the same result.

So any help on this Issue will be really appreciated, cause I love to download torrents, o I just try bittorrent client and the same problem occur.


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OK thanks, I finally found the solution, I did not read all the info you send me but just realize that Utorrent needs to run a test and it determines what parameters are best to you internet connection, here are the 2 steps I did and solve the problem:

1- make double click on the icon on right low corner, the icon was green but any way, then a the windows for the test show up, I just run the test and notice a lot of things change on config, then I save the config and restart the program.

2- I deactivate all options on BitTorrent tab on preferences,




and all checks there I unchecked it all then save and restart the program.

only that.

I am downloading now about 15 G of Movies, 5 torrents at the same time no problem for an hour, also this setup I run it on my brother's computer and the same no internet fails any more.

Thanks and hope this info helps others.


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