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Debian install problem


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Ok. I have linux debian server. I download utorrent for linux extract and try start. In console i have

netpro-h2:/home/mlody/utor# ./utserver

server started - using locale en_US.UTF-8

Using locale en_US.UTF-8

total physical memory -1 max disk cache 33554432

IPv6 is installed

If i tray login on web http://212.xx.xx.xx:8080/gui i cant. I try to create config file and change webport but same action. Any idea to resolve problem?

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Does it ask for a password in the browser?

Are you trying to connect from the same machine where utserver is running? Doesn't look like it with the 212 IP address. Either way, if you are connecting through an external IP, you will need to make sure that your router has that port open.

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