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RSS Downloader Question


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Hi All

I have just learnt about RSS feeds and uTorrent and had a quick question while I was setting up all my filters.

I am upto date with all my downloads, and so am setting up filters for all the shows next season.

For the episode number setting, If I want to start downloading episodes from season 8x01 onwards only, which of these settings would be correct:

a) 8x01-

B) 8x01

c) should I leave it blank?


Are my other settings correct so new episodes will download automatically?

Thanks in advance

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Episode number is to download only specific ep numbers, say to avoid releases of old episodes. It supports multiple formats. For example, to download only the first 12 episodes of season 1, type in 1x1-1x12 or 1x1-12. Or to download starting from episode 13 of season 1 and include all later seasons, type in 1x13-

Does that help?

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