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uTorrent 3.0 ignores global upload limit


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Hey, guys. Just installed uTorrent 3.0 this morning. Everything seems to be working well so far except for one major thing: about every hour or so, my global upload limit seem to get ignored by uTorrent.

I have googled this issue and am aware of the Global Rate Limit Options.

Apply rate limit to uTP connections IS checked.

Apply rate limit to transport overhead is not.

What am I doing wrong?

Pic related, it's my connection getting raped every hour:


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Is that actually upload or is it download (show only one category on the speed tab)?

It's both. The blue line is upload, the green line below is download. I'd post a new picture, but I just restarted the client.

The weird thing is, this happens even during seed-only periods in the scheduler, so there shouldn't be any download at all. Of course, the scheduler is enabled, I double-checked.

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