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Possibly Creating a New Speed and Settings Guide?


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hello, i just wanted to say that i thank everyone for all their user guides when it comes to speed and general settings. it has helped me immensely over the years. the problem is a good portion of the info in the guides are a little outdated, or the information that is truly helpful is in buried in a completely different guide or post.

a lot of you dont like to answer questions that can be found in the guides or faq section and i dont blame you. the problem is it is very difficult sometimes for the end user to jump from one guide, to another guide, to a users post to find an answer to say, what a particular setting does, etc.

i think maybe creating a new guide that puts utorrent 3.0 as the basis for the guide and literally going through each of the preferences and giving a sentence or 2 description on what each checkbox and function does (including the advanced section) also, compiling some of the helpful and proven speed improvement tips within the settings guide

i hope im not sounding ungrateful. i know it would be a lot of work but in the end i think it would be worth it because it might allow an end user to diagnose their own problem if they have all the info in one place, that way you wont have to answer a lot of the repetitive questions you get now

just an idea

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