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New release 3-25406 running as Process not as an Application


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Today I found what is the most annoying problem I encounter once in awhile usually when running newest beta's. Utorrent stopped running as an application and is running ONLY as a process!

What this means is I cannot open to view Utorrent at all, yet it is still doing what it's supposed to, uploading & downloading. I'm sure there is a name for this type of error but I don't know what it is... To turn Utorrent off when this happens the only choice is to stop the Utorrent process. Unfortunately stopping this way is not correct and it has to recheck any apps it might have been downloading at that time.

I failed to mention that Utorrent starts correctly, this happens when minimized out of focus. Regardless, I reinstalled 3-25400 and it seems it's not happening, (stops running as an app).

As I said, this is one of the main (practically only) problems I ever had with all the betas over the years no matter the operating system, Win XP or Win 7 (64bit)....

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