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Eric Muyser

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I would like to announce an application I created, uTelevision, that uses the Web API: https://github.com/ericmuyser/utelevision.app


The primary purpose of uTelevision is simply to monitor EZTV for new shows, and automatically download. I'm aware one can use RSS feeds, but this was a learning experience, I find it more convenient, easily distributable to friends and family. I'm sure much more can be done, quite easily being that the existing Web UI is built on the same technology as this application. I'm only implementing features on-demand.

It is powered by a massive amount of JavaScript, wrapped as an Appcelerator project. The JavaScript are node modules compiled by node-browserify, including my node-std framework and modules: node-std-utelevision and node-std-utorrent (API wrapper convert of utorrent-php-api) which are baked from CoffeeScript. The UI is powered by HTML/CSS (baked from LESS) and a custom jQuery UI theme (jquery-ui-theme-cocoa).

The purpose of the project is for me to learn and polish my Appcelerator skills alongside JavaScript and Node.js/ES5.

I hope someone finds it useful, in one way or another. If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know here or on GitHub.

Thank you

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