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Suddenly I have a red exlamation mark!


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I turn on my computer and all of a sudden there is a red exclamation mark in the bottom right corner of utorrent. If I move my mouse over it I get a pop up saying "List Error. You should change the listen port." Also no torrents are downloading and they have all turned red :(

I have made no changes to my firewall, router or ANYTHING, why would utorrent suddenly do this to me?

I am running Windows XP (32bit).

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: In case this is important if I try to view my network connections it says it cannot find any and to make sure my network connections service is running (it is, I can view websites fine) also drop box doesn't seem to see any connection is available. It says "connecting" constantly.

EDIT 2: I have also tried changing my port number, I randomized it.

EDIT 3: One more thing I just discovered, it works fine in safe mode (green tick, torrents download).

Any ideas?

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