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Probably a typical question :P.


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Hello everyone!....We all know its..illegal...and to some people say your for sure to get caught others say you have a better chance at winning the lottery. I have a few questions although.

I been doing it for years...I do not do it very dramatically though if I see a cool game that came out *more towards Total War* I tend to get it...and I watch a movie here and there...get a song there and here :P. My question is...why is it some one who can torrent hundreds of stuff a day (I do probably a few a month) not get caught compared to some one who does a song or two and get a letter?

My other question is I know they can track you by your IP but...do you need just uTorrent open? Or do you need to be downloading something in order for it to be illegal or for them to track and send a letter? I dont have uTorrent open nor any downloads going on...so am I good for now?


P.S to make sure u know ur in the clear *If thats even possible* how long does it take for them to send the letter...like say for an example if u torrent something...stop...and after X amount of days if you dont get a letter your good...or maybe it does not work like that..not sure

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