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Utorrent hang(freezes) when my download reaching max. speed


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The Utorrent will hang(while Window XP still running normally) all the time in about 4-5 minutes when the new torrent reached its maximum speed of the Broadband allowed. It will then say 'No response', in which I have to shut down Utorrent n restart again. Then all my unfinished files will be in those slow 'checking' mode n once they reach 100%, they will show the RED downlaod arrow. After another 4-5 minutes, the arrow will turn green n all files will start downlaoding again in full speed, with no more 'hang' until they completes 100%. But this whole process is annoying when u have to deal with it everytime.

However, if the torrent is a slow one that never reaches the max. speed, the utorrent never hung. Also, I did reduce n set the max. download speed from '0'(unlimited) to say 2.8Mbs , the Utorrent will still hang once it reaches 2.8Mbs.

Also, I did re-install the Utorrent several times but nothing change. So, I have to think it is a problem in my setting. Can some expert here tell me the right setting in order to avoid this thing ever happening again.

Thanks in advance.

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I have kind of solve the problem. My friend did send me an old version of Utorrent, 2.0.4, n he said it is the most stable version of them all. I did do a trial run with a 8GB file n it did complete 100% in full speed with out any freeze happening at all. I have the same setting on 2.0.4 as on 2.2.1.

So, I can conclude the problem lies within 2.2.1 version, in which it created different problem for different machine, just like now with all the complain on 3.0 version.

This story teaches me one thing ..... If it ain't broke, ....................... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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