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"Advanced->Set download location" forces torrent name to path


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I'm pretty disappointed this problem has been around for ages. I can see others have discussed different flavors of it, but here is my specific issue with 2.2.1 and to my huge surprise it's still bogged in version 3 RC8. Come on now.


When i copy torrent files to my server and uses "Advanced-> Set download location" to point to the new location extra information from the torrent (Torrent name is seems) is added to the path!


1. I open a torrent uTorrent and changes the default directory name (ie G:\SIMPLY_RED_FAREWELL) to something else (G:\Simply Red - Farewell). No problem.

2. I copy the folder to a different location (\\netshare\Simply Red - Farewell) with teracopy. No problem.

3. In uTorrent i "Advanced-> Set download location" to \\netshare\Simply Red - Farewell, BUT uTorrent adds on the torrent name and starts downloading the files again to \\netshare\Simply Red - Farewell\SIMPLY_RED_FAREWELL.

There is NOTHING i can do prevent uTorrent from adding on the name to the path without removing the torrent and adding it again.

Super annoying.. PLEASE FIX !!!!!!!!! ::o

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Until this gets fixed (I'm hoping, but Firon's comment suggests otherwise), here's a workaround from another thread:

Cut the torrent name and press enter so that the torrent has no name. Right click on the torrent and set the download location. It will tell you to overwrite. Select yes. Start the torrent (you don't need to force recheck!). F2 on the torrent, Ctrl V and you're done.
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