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Search File within the torrent


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Is there any way to search file within the torrent?

i have a couple torrent with thousand file/rar inside, now i already have some of the file so i don't want to download them again, so what i would like is to search within the torrent and mass change them to don't download, so if there any way to search the filename?

hope you understand what i meant :)


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ah i see, i would love to see the "search inside the torrent" available in utorrent,

as right now i have to manually select them to save unneeded gb of bandwith, like example 1 torrent is 200gb, but i after i choose what i already have, i only need to dl 50gb of them, so its nice to save 150gb right :) and i cannot make them rechecked as the file i got is from another torrent and have different path or a different filename.

thanks for your fast reply.

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