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many problems with speed.


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So i have been using UTorrent for around 6 months now and lately the speeds have dropped from an average 300 kb/s to under 20. I have the most basic set up, i installed Utorrent, and then started downloading torrents. It worked fine for the 6 months I have had it and now the speeds are down. Nothing has been changed with any settings or anything. I have read through the forums and tried doing things such as the glasnost proxy blocker which i was cleared, and all the settings changes which didn't do a thing. The sample files i found to test out your download speeds i tried adn it downloaded at the normal 300 kb/s i had and then back down to 1.5. This is really frustrating and i have searched the forums and cant find anything so i broke down and posted. I know this is not my internet connection because other non torrent files it takes 15 seconds to download 1.5 g files. Another thing i tried is instead of using my laptop with windows 7. I used my tower with Windows XP SP2. I got utorrent and ran the connection guide by pressing ctrl+g. Running this i got a http error 404 for the bandwith part of the test, and closed ports for the port side of the test. i Have my firewall set up to leave access to all ports on a variety of I.P. addresses (this was learned during my connection problem with xbox live) and i know the ports are open for utorrent. So just to test something else i started a download to see what would happen. Not two seconds into the download it was downloading at 1-2 mb/s and I was surprised. But to my dismay, it went down to low twenties kb/s again. I am not sure what is going on or if you can even answer. Ive even tried other torrent programs all ending up with the same result. One final note i would like to say that with my 20 k/b second download speeds my uploads speeds are constants in the 400-500's. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, ive been searching the forums all week in my sparetime and tried all the guides already, so please don't get on me for those. thank you

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