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Missing set in Help uTorrent 3.0


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uTorrent 3.0

In the preferences -> queueing -> in the Seeding Goal settings there is the set "Minimum number of available seeds" . The Help does not mention this setting, just the Minimum ratio and the Minimum seeding time.

I suppose by the name and location of the setting, that it sets a limit condition to be reached for a torrent, so when reached; it turns off the seeding of that particular torrent, but it is not clear if the condition is muttually exclusive or not, AND/OR. so if the seeding will be turned off when this condition is reached or if all conditions of the Seeding Goal must be reached to turn it off.

Example: Minimum ratio 150% , Minimum seeding time 2880, Minimum number of available seeds: 3

What will happen?

The seeding will stop if any condition is reached, upload reaches 1,5 times the download size OR 2 days seeding OR 3 seeds in the crowd?

The seeding will stop only if it reaches all the above conditions? Can someone explain?

I did browse the Forum and did not find any explanation about it.

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