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I keep getting an "Access Denied" message


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Every time I try to torrent something, regardless of the source, I get the "Access Denied" message. I've tried using the help button, but I don't have any incompatible programs installed, and when I try the run regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll thing only to get a message saying something about missing the binary and debugging the file. What should I do?

My ISP is Embarq DSL, The network status light is usually yellow, and sometimes green. I'm running vista. My upload speed is 314.56kbits/s, my upload limit is 22kB/s, I have 60 connections per torrent, 2 max active torrents, 3 upload slots, 130 global connections, and 1 max active download. My network says the port is not open, but I am able to download.

If I forgot anything else important, I'm sorry.

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