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Toggle Open/Close for System Tray Icon clicks


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Click on the System Tray Icon one time -- and the uTorrent window opens.

Click on the System Tray Icon a second time -- and the uTorrent window "should" close.

That's a "toggle" -- open / close --- a basic function that is missing.

Currently, clicking on the uTorrent icon a second time doesn't do anything... I know because I try it all the time, hoping this feature has been added.

Yes the Escape key also works to close the window -- but when the mouse cursor is ALREADY on the tray icon, that should work too.. This way the uTorrent window can be easily clicked open / closed, when checking for progress...

Thank you.

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I have the same problem, in fact in the previous version i was able to do it.

It's why i came here to check if it was a know case.

In my case what i call the task bar is the "Dock" in windows 7. Where the runing programm icon apear and i can lock them for quick launch.

When you start Utorrent, it apear on the dock and on the system tray next to the hours..

If you close utorrent and minimize it. It disapear from dock, but it still on the system tray next to the hour.

If you click on the icon next to the hour, the icon re appear in the dock.

Once in the dock you can toggle it..

It can appear stupid, but the toggle option is very usefull.

You can Toggle like you asked. But it's not enough.. well not like in the previous version.

I explain.

Open Utorrent, Click Preferences, UI Setting

UNCHECK Minimize minimize Ut to Tray

Then, if you Minimize Utorrent, it wil go to system tray.

If you click on the icon in the system tray it will open.

The problem is, if you have checked Closes closes uT to tray

When you close Utorrent, it send it to the tray. But you can't reopen it by toggling it..

You have to use the Icon in the tray next to the hours.

You click on it, then you can use the icon in the task bar to toggle. By reflexe i use the X to minimize utorrent. If i use the minimize button, i can toggle without problem.

it's why is not that important, it work very well but not like the old version :)

Thank you

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