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Utorrent 3.0 Bandwidth test failure due to HTTP error 404


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I reside in Thailand about 210 Kms south of Bangkok and use TOT Thailand ISP provider with an advertised service ADSL 2 broadband of 6 MBPS download and 512k upload which has provided me with good bittorrent download speeds of 300-480kbps with up to 6 torrents downloading as the service is unlimited downloads from the ISP.. All this was great using Utorrent 2.0 and even 2.1 but when i updated to 3.0 things changed after 2-3 weeks. When i speed test inside the utorrent program the bandwidth test fails due to HTTP error 404 though i know what the error means i can't understand why it comes up here. I had set up my torrent rule in the modem software and port forwarded port 9999 correctly with simple port forwarding program the network test says the port is not open but still can download. Yesterday i could only get a download rate of not more than 30 kbps with my setting set at around 230 kbps and upload at 20-30 kbps the best after much tinkering with 3 torrents downloading 1 sized 1GB,1 at 1.19 GB and 1 at 350 MB all well seeded. Today i get Down= 216kbps at setting 435 kbps and up=36 kbps at setting 35 kbps so i don't know what gives? After checking speedtest.net against Thai servers in Bangkok and the south my results are D=6.04 MBPS and U=0.54 MBPS which seems spot on though 2 tests at Glastnost, 1 for HTTP for traffic shaping revealed all normal and one for bittorrent which revealed upload at 498 kbps for both flow and bittorrent and download rate 1401 kbps for flow and torrent and download traffic shaping for torrents.Any ideas or profound wisdom to sort out my head F**K with Utorrent 3.0 and the error 404 so i could setup the program speed correctly would be gratefully appreciated as i see major differences in the settings rates Up & Down and the actual real time up and down rates achieved. P.S. Could anyone at Utorrent tell me why there are only servers listed for Europe and The USA and not anywhere else closer like Asia in the speed test setup test in 3.0 after so many updates and program revisions?

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